One integration to rule them all

Access every chain at once with our SDK.

Cross-chain everything

Atomic Swaps | Governance | IDO Launchpad | NFT Marketplace | Aggregation | Rebasing Lending, Borrowing, & Saving | Oracle Data | Liquidity | Staking Tokens | Fractional Ownership NFT Collateral | Bonding

Integrate into every chain at once

Wormhole SDK integrates your project with our generic messaging layer. Wormhole SDK makes it easier than ever for teams, apps, protocols, and users to move value seamlessly across networks without fees.

Connecting projects to networks

Six high-value networks, two centralized exchanges, and 19 dexes. Anyone in the community can add new networks to the protocol and build the future of blockchain.

A trust-minimized build

Wormhole is built to be trust-minimized from the ground up with a group of six networks secured by 19 equally weighted guardians in the core layer.

  • Send your message to Wormhole
  • The Guardian network observes the transaction
  • Quorum is achieved in seconds
  • Guardians make your attested message publicly available.
  • Access your message on a different chain

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